How We Started

During a life-changing trip to Indonesia in 2019, Adhi, Bryan, and Amanda witnessed the struggles and poverty issues small coffee farmers had to endure as a result of both the lack of support and the business practices of coffee brokers. 

A year later, Beaneka Coffee and Roastery was established with the mission to increase the farmers’ income by shortening the supply chain. Not only does it uplift their social mobility, but the practice would also give more resources to sustain high-quality coffee harvests.

What makes Indonesian Coffee different?

Equatorial regions spanning 25 degrees north and 30 degrees south are suitable for growing coffee because of their continuous rainfall. It allows the coffee plants to grow at a steady, slow rate resulting in a richer and more developed taste of the coffee.

Indonesia has the benefits of being geographically widespread across the equator and with numerous interior mountainous regions on its islands, creating ideal microclimates for the growth and production of high-quality single-origin coffee beans with various notes and characteristics.  

  • Our Core Values

    We love coffee, the earth, and people. Beaneka Coffee and Roastery came from a belief in practicing kindness in every aspect of our business by uplifting the coffee farmers' economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social well-being through Indonesian specialty coffee. We believe by mobilizing the coffee farmers' social economy, the quality of the local communities lives will also be improved.

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Adhi Jusuf

Ever since the day I was born, I've always had a fascination for coffee. The drive to lessen the financial gap between local farmers and big US coffee importers has led me to create Beaneka Coffee, with my goal being to not only create/supply the most delicious coffee to all of our wonderful supporters, but to continue to help everyone around our business to live a better life!

Bryan Theonardo

My friendship with Adhi helped me realize I wanted to pursue the coffee journey and continue to learn more. My passion for coffee brought me to pass the SCA certifications as a Certified Barista, Sensory Analyst, and Master Roaster in 2020. It's my dream to get Indonesian specialty coffee the recognition it deserves amongst other premium coffees in the US.

Amanda Chinitra

I'm a tea lover turned coffee enthusiast after sipping a cup of latte made from Beaneka's signature blend; Tunggal Ika. My interest in coffee grew as Bryan trained me to brew coffee under the SCA guidelines. I find brewing coffee in the morning relaxing and therapeutic, especially knowing the delicious coffee I'm drinking is ethically sourced and helps contribute so much to those who harvest it.

Our Milestones


  • The beginning


    After a year of wrapping up the idea of contributing to the environment and social economics through Indonesian specialty coffee, we had to pause all the plans due to COVID-19.

  • Reimagining Beaneka Coffee


    The quarantine and working remotely allowed us to see the brand from a different perspective. We worked with a designer from West Jawa, Indonesia to refresh the look and feel of Beaneka Coffee. The new logo centers on our missions and identity to intertwine specialty coffee, sustainability, and uplifting the farmers' communities.

  • First Coffee Festival.


    Thanks to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, we were able to participate in the SF Coffee Festival at Fort Mason! People were impressed that Indonesian coffee could offer such beautiful, unique, and delicate flavors. The line was long, and because we sold out all of our beans on the first day we stayed up all night roasting and preparing for the next busy day!

  • Partnership with D'Grobak Bay Area


    We launched a new collaboration blend, D'Grobak Kopi

    (meaning "coffee cart" in Bahasa Indonesia), to honor our partnership with D'Grobak Bay Area - a contemporary Indonesian street food. After several trials, Beaneka Coffee finally came out with the best coffee blends to pair with their signature Bakso, an Indonesian meatball soup. D'Grobak Kopi is exclusively available to purchase at their pop-ups.

    Check out their pop-up schedules on Instagram @dgrobak.bayarea.

  • San Francisco Coffee Festival 2022

    Still in 2022.

    Made possible by sponsorship from the Indonesian General Consulate in San Francisco, we served more than 2000 cups of coffee from Bali Kintamani, Sumatera Aceh Gayo, and Sulawesi Toraja. On top of that, our Wild Luwak Coffee was launched in celebration of the San Francisco Coffee Festival.

    Our sales surpassed last year's number, all thanks to our UC Davis IISMA students volunteers: Nirzam 'Rusa', Cynthia Hugo, Athirah Hamida, and Bimo Rizki.