• Brewing Guide

  • Specialty coffee requires extra care and higher attention to details. Our coffee farmers selectively picked and sort the best beans before Beaneka‚Äôs master roaster roasted the beans to highlight each region characteristic.

  • Although each guide may not look easy, you will appreciate the taste of coffee like you have never tasted before. Specialty coffee itself is similar with art where taste and preference would be your best guide.

  • We hope that these guides will help you experiment with our specialty roast and achieve the best cup possible.

  • To start off, here's some simple tips to always keep your coffee brew taste fresh and consistent.

  • 01.

    Always keep your whole beans in a packaging with a one-way valve and away from sunlight or heat.

  • 02.

    Brewing your coffee with accurate measurement by using scale is a sustainable approach to get consistent results from time to time.

  • 03.

    Only grind on demand as this improves freshness and ground coffee is best brewed not more than 15 minutes after grinding.

  • 04.

    Coffee blooming is not a technique, rather a must to let out carbon dioxide components in coffee grounds due to pyrolysis in coffee roasting. A week old roasted coffee ground must be bloomed for a longer period as it contains more carbon components than a three weeks old coffee.

  • 05.

    Regular equipment maintenance, especially your grinder as oil residue from coffee beans on grinder burr, can contribute to a musty and earthy taste in the final brew. Additionally, when switching to different coffee or calibrating your grind size, always purge remaining coffee in the grinder as this prevents the mix of different coffee.

  • 06.

    Always take note of your brewing recipe (the weight of the whole beans, brew time and coffee : water ratio ). This helps in recreating the same coffee brew for future use.

  • 07.

    Finally, thoroughly sanitize your equipments immediately after every use to remove musty or stale notes the next time you brew using each equipments