Medium grind, authentic Indonesian coffee brew, convenient and compact brewing method and purest form of coffee brewing

  • For this guide, you will need


    scale with timer, glass / stainless steel / porcelain cup, heat kettle and burr coffee grinder

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Step 1

The first step is to know the volume of the cup being used for tubruk. Otherwise, measure the volume of your glassware with scale
(tare the vessel on top the scale and pour water all the way to the lip of the glass. Take note that 1g=1ml of water)

Step 2

Began heating up your water (filtered water is recommended) to 200F (+-3F)

If you do not have a temperature precise water kettle, sitting the boiled water for 30-60 seconds should get you the optimum water temperature, note that different wall material might affect the time.

Step 3

Beaneka’s Recipe : 15 grams of whole beans and 250ml of water
(1 g : 16.66 ml for coffee : water ratio)

Step 4

Grind the whole beans and you may tap the vessel after, to make the surface flat.

Step 5

Start the brew by pouring the 200F water, all the way to the cup’s lip.

Step 6

Let the coffee sit for 4 minutes and break the crust
(the floating coffee grounds)

Step 7

You may also remove the crema by joining 2 spoon and scooping them out. However, if you want to enjoy tubruk the ‘authentic’ way, you can also drink the crema.

Step 8

Let it cool down for 2 minutes before drinking.

Step 9

Discuss with your friends and collaborate to assess the coffee. Is it too strong or too weak? Simple calibration on your ratio or grind size will help to get your desired coffee. Experimenting on your own or having your friends to assist you is always a fun uplifting coffee experience!