Fine grind, fast brewing method, portable and extravagant acidity

  • For this guide, you will need


    espresso machine, espresso grinder or coffee grinder that allows
    for finer grinds, calibrated coffee tamper, coffee distribution tool and scale with timer

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Step 1

Prepare all the equipment you’ll need and double check for any residue such as dust or coffee ground left from previous use.

Always have a micro-fiber cloth ready to wipe any dirty residue.

Step 2

To start calibrating your own recipe, we recommend starting with 1g:8.8ml (coffee : water ratio) for example, 25g of whole beans for 220ml or number ‘4’ marking on your aeropress maker.

Step 3

Measure the amount of coffee in whole beans accordingly to your personalized recipe and purge your grinder before grinding your coffee dose, with the same coffee 5-8 grams should be sufficient.

Step 4

Began heating up your water (filtered water is recommended) to 200F (+-3F)

If you do not have a temperature precise water kettle, sitting the boiled water for 30-60 seconds should get you the optimum water temperature, note that different wall material might affect the time.

Step 5

Grab the filter basket and make sure to rinse the filter in the basket before attaching it to the brewing chamber.

Step 6

Grind the whole beans and pour it into the vessel and tap it, to make the surface flat.

Step 7

We recommend using a scale to measure the water level; however, the advantage of aeropress is that most of them have their own water level scale.

Step 8

Pour the water until the ‘4’ markings or 220 ml and then briefly stir the coffee with the crema on the top.

Step 9

Insert the plunger immediately and make sure there is a tight seal between the plunger and the brewing chamber and let it sit for 1:45 minutes.

Step 10

Invert the aeropress setup and release the air pressure in the brewing chamber by pressing it gently and then invert it back.

Make sure the plunger base is touching the crema of the coffee once inverted back.

Step 11

Put your aeropress setup on the cup that you’re drinking from and begin pressing the plunger gently until there is no coffee left in the chamber.

Step 12

Let it cool down for 2 minutes before drinking.

Step 13

Discuss with your friends and collaborate to assess the coffee. Is it too strong or too weak? Simple calibration on your ratio or grind size will help to get your desired coffee. Experimenting on your own or having your friends to assist you is always a fun uplifting coffee experience!

Pro-tip: Stirring is essential to combine all the coffee extracts in the brew to create a complex coffee flavor.