French Press

Medium-coarse grind, easy to make and balanced coffee profile

  • For this guide, you will need


    french press maker, scale with timer, heated kettle and burr coffee grinder

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Step 1

Beaneka’s Recipe : 21 grams of whole beans and 350ml of water
(1 g : 16.66 ml for coffee : water ratio)

Step 2

Began heating up your water (filtered water is recommended) to 200F (+-3F)

Pro-tip: if you do not have a temperature precise water kettle, sitting the boiled water for 30-60 seconds should get you the optimum water temperature, note that different wall material might affect the time.

Step 3

Remove the plunger of the french press and add the ground coffee into the french press.

Step 4

We recommend using a scale to measure the water level. However, if you do not have one, pour the water up to the measurement level on your french press or 350 ml.

Step 5

Leave it to sit for 4 minutes and then stir the crema on the surface. Additionally, you may also remove the crema on top to get a smoother mouthfeel.

Step 6

Put the lid back on and press gently.

Step 7

Let it cool down for 2 minutes before drinking.

Step 8

Discuss with your friends and collaborate to assess the coffee. Is it too strong or too weak? Simple calibration on your ratio or grind size will help to get your desired coffee. Experimenting on your own or having your friends to assist you is always a fun uplifting coffee experience!

Pro-tip: Stirring is essential to combine all the coffee extracts in the brew to create a complex coffee flavor.