Extra-Fine grind, concentrated coffee, more perceived coffee profile

  • For this guide, you will need


    espresso machine, espresso grinder or coffee grinder that allows
    for finer grinds, calibrated coffee tamper, coffee distribution tool and scale with timer

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Step 1

Turn on your espresso machine to heat up the boiler and gain pressure to 1-1.5 bar

Step 2

Beaneka’s Recipe : 18 grams, 45ml of espresso yield within extraction of 28 seconds
(1 g : 2.5 ml for coffee : water ratio)

Step 3

Always set up an efficient espresso bar that comes with separate cloth for portafilter, steaming wand and machine itself. Set up your equipment in one direction to create an efficient workflow.

Tidy espresso machine setup create efficiency and also adds great aesthetics.

Step 4

Tare your portafilter on a scale and begin grinding your whole beans into the portafilter. Measure accordingly to the recipe and remove any excess ground coffee to a separate bin.
(this excess coffee ground can be used for the next brew)

Step 5

Evenly distribute coffee with the coffee distribution tool or using hand distribution method.

This is an important step before tamping as it encourages even tamping.

Step 6

Tamp your coffee. First, gently level out the surface of the coffee bed with the tamper and then tamp the coffee by making L shape with your elbow and only apply your body pressure. Do not double tamp or put on too much pressure as it may cause uneven distribution of coffee bed.

Step 7

You want to begin extraction as soon as you insert the portafilter into the grouphead to avoid any smoky or burnt taste of the espresso.

Step 8

Set up your scale onto the drip tray with your cup, tare or zero the scale and begin extraction. You want to hit the timer as soon as the espresso hit the base of the cup and stop the extraction once it hits 28 second.

Extraction time is only measured after the first espresso has poured onto the bottom of the cup.

Step 9

Adjust the recipe only if needed, by evaluating the espresso.

Learn to distinguish the taste of sea salt, sour and watery (under-extraction) or bitter and dry after taste (over-extraction) in your espresso . Our recommendation for troubleshooting under-extraction or over-extraction, is by adjusting the grind size to finer for under extraction and coarser for over extraction. However, you may also adjust other recipe parameters such as dose or extraction time but do not adjust more than one parameters at once.

Step 10

Adjust your espresso recipe for different coffee. Each coffee is unique and to truly enjoy their maximum taste, each coffee has to be catered in their own way.

Step 11

Once you find the perfect recipe for your espresso, stir your espresso to equalize the taste of the top to the bottom before drinking.

Step 12

Discuss with your friends and collaborate to assess the coffee. Is it too strong or too weak? Simple calibration on your ratio or grind size will help to get your desired coffee. Experimenting on your own or having your friends to assist you is always a fun uplifting coffee experience!

Stirring is essential to combine all the coffee extracts in the brew to create a complex coffee flavor.