Cold Brew

Extra-Coarse Grind, Smooth and least acidic coffee, room temperature brewing and 12-24 hours of brewing to perfection

  • For this guide, you will need


    cold brew maker with filter or mason jar with cheese cloth as filter, burr coffee grinder and weighing scale

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Step 1

Beaneka’s recipe : 46.9 grams of whole beans for 750ml of water and brew time of 12 hours
(1 gram:16.66ml for coffee:water ratio)

Step 2

Pour your ground coffee into a filter and set the filter in the mason jar or cold brew maker. Set your cold brew setup on a scale and measure precisely the amount of water that’s going to be poured.

There is no specific way on how to pour the water however, we do recommend pouring the water slowly as it may take some time for the water to pass the filter.

Step 3

Seal off the cold brew set and put it in the fridge for 12-24 hours

The longer you brew, the more perceived is the body

Step 4

Be sure to take out the ground coffee to stop the brewing and cold brew best stored up to only 7 days.

Step 5

Discuss with your friends and collaborate to assess the coffee. Is it too strong or too weak? Simple calibration on your ratio or grind size will help to get your desired coffee. Experimenting on your own or having your friends to assist you is always a fun uplifting coffee experience!

Stirring is essential to combine all the coffee extracts in the brew to create a complex coffee flavor