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Beaneka Coffee

Sumatera Aceh Gayo

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Whole bean

Single origin:
Bener Meriah Village, Sumatra Aceh Gayo.

1500 MASL


SCA cupping score:

Roast level:

Cupping notes: Lemongrass, Cacao, Berries and Maple Syrup

Brewing recommendation:
Espresso with Lactose-free milk.


Sumatra is one of the main islands in Indonesia that is most well-known for its coffee production. Coffee from Bener Meriah a small region in Aceh Gayo Sumatera is widely spread around the globe, and it's famous for ‘giling basah’ (meaning wet-hulled), which refers to a coffee process that is specific to Indonesia and creates a signature flavor. This process is only used in Indonesia, making this beans from Aceh Gayo rare and special.

Our partner farmer,, Tri Yuli Kurniasih, has been working in the coffee industry for more than 30 years. Starting with AEKI (Indonesian Coffee Exporter Association), Ms. Yuli and her fellow farmers grew their knowledge of coffee processing, roasting, and brewing.

Kurniasih's hard work with the other coffee farmers and their passion to develop high-quality crops, compelled her to promote Bener Meriah coffee beans to the roasteries in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and now, here to the United States.