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Beaneka Coffee

West Jawa

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Single origin:
West Jawa, Mt. Tangkuban Perahu

1750-1950 MASL

Washed-dry hull

Roast level:

SCA cupping score:

Cupping notes:
Citrus, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Red Cherry


West Jawa is a perfect spot for the agricultural industry with its high elevation and developed infrastructure. Our journey to West Jawa was recommended by our contact to visit a coffee processing center owned by Mr. Yoseph Kusuniyanto. His processing center is rather his own house, it is humble, only allowing small batches capacity, and requires mostly manual labor. His determination and commitment to producing good coffee, however, was present in the coffee tubruk he made us during our visit through its consistent taste, clean and delightful taste.

Mr. Yoseph’s coffee plantation is located an hour of off-road driving from his place. The long drive allowed us to get to know more about the plantation, such as its self-sufficiency from any pesticides or herbicides, an advantage of the high altitude said, Mr. Yoseph. What enticed us to bring his products was his response when we asked about Organic Certification. “We don’t have such capital to meet the requirements of organic certifications however, we rely on the kindness of mother nature regarding maintaining our coffee trees”.

Our mission is to help more farmers like Mr. Yoseph, persistent in making the world better through coffee itself through his experience and hard work.