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Beaneka Coffee

Wild Luwak

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Kopi Luwak remains one of the world's most specialty coffees because of the uniqueness of its production. The blend comes from partially digested coffee cherries that have been eaten and fermented by the Asian palm civet (luwak), that are then cleaned and roasted to create one of the most balanced and flavorful cups of coffee you will ever taste. In Ciwidey, West Jawa, our partner and farmer Lucy hires guides to track and collect from the wild civets, in order to create a healthy relationship with nature while collecting coffee. This is important as caged civets rarely live over a year and are often force-fed unhealthy food to speed up production. That's why all of our Luwak coffee is created by wild civets, in a sustainable and ethical process that emphasizes a sound relationship to help the animals and farmers bring the best cup of Luwak coffee to you.